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    Debate: Scientism, Religion & Medicine
    by Larry Malerba, DO

    Podcast Interview with Dr Malerba
    by NAB Communities

    Year of the Snake 2013
    by Larry Malerba, DO, DHt

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  • New DocMalerba TV Interview

    On Todays Authors, DocMalerba discusses the mind-body connection, meaning in illness, right & left brain, treatment of depression, grief, and asthma, the role of the feminine in healing, holism & reductionism, and Green Medicine.

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  • The Green Forum

    Featuring articles that promote medical diversity with respect for all spiritual and healing traditions.

  • Medical Clinic

    Restoring health and vitality with safe, effective, homeopathic medical care.

  • Homeopathic Image Gallery

    Did you know that there were once over 100 homeopathic hospitals in the United States? Take a tour of our galleries.


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